The Bry-man

My name is Bryan Anthony McCormick and I am 25 years old. I am the weekend meteorologist & weekday reporter at KAIT in Jonesboro, AR.  In April 2011, I graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree with an emphasis in Broadcast Meteorology.  I’m originally from Caraway, AR. I have always loved weather.  I remember pretending to be a weatherman when I was a kid and making up weather stories to tell my family.  The movie “Twister” is my favorite of all time.  Whenever severe weather hits, it’s go-time for me.  My adrenaline really gets pumping. I vacationed in Gulf Shores as a child and observed not one, but TWO waterspouts simultaneously.  I’ve seen countless wall clouds, large hail, several tornadoes (one of which a 1 mile-wide EF-3!), and a few funnel clouds. If it’s not storming, I’d rather be in the middle of winter because I love snow & ice. I’m a general science enthusiast. I consider myself an amateur theoretical physicist.  As the years have passed, it seems like weather has gone crazy & increasingly difficult to forecast.  My mission is to gain a better understanding of this imperfect science we call hydrometeorology.


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